Christmas Greetings!


Christmas means so much to so many people and each meaning is different.  For some it is creating the magic and wonder of Christmas for little children and feeling enthused by their joy, for some it is finding that perfect gift for that special person in their lives, for others it is cooking up a magnificent feast for visiting family and friends. 

There are those however who are challenged by Christmas and the memories, who revisit loss and sadness and may feel alone.  It isn’t always a time of joy and partying, it may be a bitter-sweet time also. 

It is important we create our ‘own Christmas’ that serves us best, one that encompasses all emotions, one that allows us to embrace our tears and our joys, a Christmas that is nurturing and restful, a time to reconnect with our loved one and our own hearts.  Whatever your Christmas is for you this year, my wish for you is that is one that restores and replenishes you so that you may welcome the New Year with enthusiasm and joy-filled expectations. 

I have taken time out to reflect and acknowledge just how much I’ve grown over the years, from ‘depressed to dynamic’, from ‘anxious to energetic anticipation’, from ‘sorrow-filled to joy-filled’.  I have finally arrived at a point in my life where I truly believe ‘I am Enough’ and ‘I love Me!’ (of course this can still be experienced in varying degrees, lol!)   I believe there is no greater life than one that is filled with personal inner growth that comes from facing life’s challenges as this creates a resilient and loving heart; a life where we strive to become the greater version of ourselves, where we can forgive, where we can accept our differences, and where we can unconditionally love each other  - surely this is the greatest Christmas gift of all.

Blessing to you all,

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