Challenged with Endofyearitis?


Endofyearitis” describes what some people experience as the frantic push to the end of year as it approaches more quickly than we expect and as we endeavour to get on top of work before we take time off during the holiday season.  

It can be where we feel the sensory overload of being hammered left, right, centre from the sales and marketing of ‘buy now’ for Christmas.  Sometimes it’s the build up of anticipated family visits that could be fraught with difficult history or a reminder of those we love who are struggling and living a less than happy and healthy life…

Christmas for me over the years has been a mix of trauma, grief, and anxiety as well as times of  love, delight and joy!   Each year I endeavour to approach it as calmly as possible and this means I tend to retreat into the sanctuary of my home and avoid the traffic and throng of people at the shops.  I can easily fall into ‘empathy overload’ and become energetically and emotionally drained which makes it easy to be anything but joyous! So, I limit my exposure and choose carefully and wisely just how much ‘Christmas’ I will do – in other words I ‘do Christmas’ my way so that it allows me to experience the peace and gratitude that I wish to create. 

This year I’m doing more than I’ve ever done - I’m venturing to one Christmas lunch with savvy business women I’ve met during the year, I’m going to one party with a woman who is vivacious and fun and reminds me to play a little more, and I’m having our neighbours to one pre-Christmas dinner; that’s it, simple, easy, do-able.  What’s your idea of a peaceful and thankful Christmas?

Christmas can be a bitter-sweet time for many, a time where family dynamics are a challenge, a time of loneliness and longing, a time of poignant reflection of time passed.

“Give yourself the first gift of Christmas; the gift of Self-Care, the gift of kindness toward yourself, the gift of stillness amidst the rush just to sit and breathe and give thanks”- Robbi Mack

A long soak in the tub is a reward for my efforts tonight, what ways are you nurturing yourself this Christmas season so that you can be calm, connected and caring to those who cross your path?

Blessings and peace to all during this fun, frantic festive season!

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