Love is in the Air


Valentines Day.  I don’t usually get into it after 24 years of being with my husband and I prefer the spontaneous display of romance and love and not because it comes from being commercially pushed upon us.  This Valentines Day was different however, this Valentines day saw my teenage son buy his first bouquet of flowers (roses of course) to give to a girl and suddenly I was reminded of the excitement, the joy, the apprehension of budding love.  It touched me.

Love.   We search for it, we long for it, we give it, we’re denied it, we throw it away, we trade for it.   Love is an energy exchange and you get to decide how you put love into that exchange, whether it’s to grow your business, your career or put into your family, your life. 

Some of the things Love means to me personally:

Love is connecting through empathy 

Love is self-care, of your body, mind and soul

Love is finding the magic moment of the day

Love is embracing the unknown

Love is letting go of fear

Love is saying ‘I’m sorry’

Love is saying ‘you’re forgiven’

Love means so many different things to each of us and I’m sure we each celebrated Valentine’s Day differently too, if at all.  I googled how many songs were written about love and it couldn’t give me number.  I stumped google!

Love is also taking a risk, seen so clearly yesterday as my son took his first step toward opening his heart to someone else.

What does Love mean to me in Business?

L – Leads – what would love do now? -
O – Ownership –accountability for your actions
V – Vitality – Self care
E – Empathy – Connection with others

What does Love mean to you?   Whatever it means, whatever it looks like, nurture it and share it! 

Lots of Love!

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