Keynote 1:
Heartbeatz for Resilience

 "Courage to Change the things we Can"

At the heart of Resilience is the ability to manage emotions, and to respect the intricate relationship between how we feel, what we think, and how we behave.  This is especially true in times of rapid change, stress and uncertainty.  The World Health Organisation reports that by the year 2020 mental illness, primarily depression, is going to be the number one condition in the developed world. Never before has emotional management of a team been more important in order to ensure the happiness of the people who create the pulse of an organisation. 

In this presentation, Robbi will take participants on an inspiring and courageous journey of personal triumph during difficult times. Through her own lived experience she has gone from 'depressed to dynamic' and she has developed tools that support others to manage stress with grace and ease.  As Robbi knows life isn’t meant to be easy, however it is through the activation of a resilient heart that we are prepared to take on life (at work or at home) head on knowing that we have the courage to live a life of purpose regardless of the challenges along the way.

Audiences will walk way from this presentation with key insights into what makes up a resilient heart.  This includes resilient leadership, culture, and communication.  The only thing that is inevitable in life is change and how we respond to challenge is what will ultimately define our success. 

"Resilience is the quality within that allows us to recover readily from challenges and adversity." - Robbi Mack

key outcomes.png
  • The Heart of Resilience

  • Raising Everyday Resilience

  • Driving Change from the Heart

  • Heart Centred Stress Management

  • Leading Resilient Hearts

Keynote 2:
Heartbeatz for Performance 

"Engaging our Hearts and Minds to Elevate Performance"

Heartbeatz is a process enabling organisations to activate emotional intelligence from the inside out.  People are at the heart of any business, and the health of our emotions acts as a pulse that determines the quality of connection, communication and culture within a team. 

In this presentation participants will develop key skills and gain insights that enable greater self-awareness, increased communication skills and a stronger sense of purpose.  Through the activation of empathy we are able to align our personal needs, and the needs of our team with an organisations collective mission. 

Participants will walk away from this session with tools to amplify heart-centred leadership, improve communication, enhance engagement, and build a culture based on compassion, care and community.  They will also have the tools to effectively manage stress, leading to higher performance and overall well-being.

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  • Why emotional intelligence is at the heart of business.

  • The art of heart centred leadership.

  • The activation of empathy.

  • How to communicate with heart.

  • Build a culture of care, connection and community.

Keynote 3:

Heartbeatz for Influence

"Developing Presence Under Pressure"

In an ever changing world where the ability to deal with challenges and manage stress is crucial to success, activating a sense of humour provides a foundation for real and authentic resilience. Sometimes in our personal or professional life laughter is simply the best medicine. 

Taking that one step further, the ability to use humour intentionally provides people with the capacity to influence and lead with charisma. Humour provides a level of authenticity and real human connection; it is through humour that we connect with the human heart. 

In this presentation, audiences will walk away with insights and tools to harness humour as a strategic tool in business. Unlocking a plan for happiness in the workplace is at the core of creating an engaged and motivated workforce where working hard is aligned with a sense of joy, fun and purpose.

key outcomes.png
  • Unlock Humorous Heartbeatz as a leader or in a position of influence

  • Understand the appropriate use of humour

  • Encourage your people to use humour as a tool for engagement, productivity and performance

  • Develop a light-hearted mind-set