A Simple System


The collapse and closure of our 10 year comedy theatre business that coincided with the birth of our beautiful son was followed by the darkest journey of my life into the black abyss that was post natal depression.  I emerged three years later feeling like I’d been through the opening train wreck scene of Harrison Ford’s movie ‘The Fugitive’ and I began to think, what now?  Life had changed irreversibly and so had I. 

I had begun to finally feel the urge to move forward again and actively create a new life with my husband and son.  First things first, celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary by reaffirming our vows in a small ceremony with friends and move across the city from the south-side to the north-side -  ‘consolidate the old and create the new’ was my new mantra.

Having lived in our renovated little federation cottage for almost 12 years there was a lot of stuff to pack. On top of the general household accumulation of two adults lives and all the necessities for a young bub, we had also kept pretty much everything from our three comedy restaurants… 7 racks of show costumes from 16 cabaret shows, wigs, shoes, mountains of props, reams of curtaining, PA systems, lighting rigs, backdrops, 100s of metres of leads & cables, speakers, spotlights, a trapeze, a stage, a portable dressing room, even a huge 8ft giant fluffy white rabbit (don’t ask you had to see the show!)                      

As you can imagine, we had a LOT of gear.  It took two huge truckloads and three guys from ‘dodgy brother removalists to shift us… and we moved into a townhouse!

Through that experience it wasn’t so hard to realise with earth shattering clarity that something’s got to go and it wasn’t going to be the baby! We faced the absolute certainty that there was no room in the new townhouse for us!  So the slow but liberating process began to pare down and pass on;  after all its just ‘stuff’ and how much ‘stuff’ do we really need? And does all of it really make us feel great? Or does it press upon us and stifle any chance of creativity or newness coming into our lives.  After time our belongings can become more of the life clutter that wears us down and holds us back.  

Physical clutter can also reflect emotional clutter and you may just find that as you finally let go of the old piano that sits in the corner gathering dust that you might just let go of the disappointment and old belief that you’re a failure for not becoming that concert pianist you dreamt of when you were 12 years old.

So here’s my simple system to help clear some clutter from your home and heart.

For your home:

S – Sort    (one room at a time)

I  – Imagine  (the space and the ability to find things easily)

M – Make Peace(with the past and what the item represented)

P – Pare down and Pass on   (there are so many people in need)

L – Label & containerise    (make it easy to find what you decide to keep)

E – Enjoy!    (the liberation and freedom)

And even better here’s the ‘Simple System’ for your heart:

S –  Source a good therapist   (talk, listen, expand)

I  -   Imagine   (the new you without the baggage)

M – Make Peace with your Past     (forgive, feel and heal)

P -   Put into practice the new things you’ve learned    (be playful with new concepts)

L –  Love who you’ve been, and who you are becoming      (honour and care for yourself)

E –  Enjoy the liberation of being connected and living in the Now!    (celebrate your life)

Keeping things simple, creating order in our home and heart can help create much needed peace in our lives.

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