Make A Great Day!


So often we hear the words ‘have a great day’, does that mean that out there lurking is the possibility that it won’t be a great day?  like it’s questionable, luck of the draw if today you’ll get given from the gods a ‘great day’… no! You get to make a great day, not just wish to have a great day and hope like hell it turns out okay. 

You’re the one that gets to decide from the moment you wake up whether it’s going to be a ‘great day’ – great days are made, they don’t just happen by some pure whim of chance.  You, you are the one making the day, and if you’re conscious of this, there’s no real reason for having a ‘bad day’ - unless you’re a masochist why would you make a bad day for yourself?  Have you gone over quota this month on good days so you better have a crap one today? No -  make a great day, everyday – you’re the one choosing, you're the one creating it.

 “You are the composer, the author, the star of your own life- live it the way you want it to be”. Robbi Mack

So, now go and make a great day!

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