What Do You Wish For Yourself?


What do you wish for yourself?

This is what I wish for myself…

1.         Joy and a love for my life every single day.

2.         To remember the purpose in pain and become the greatest version of myself.

3.         To express, entertain and lighten the load of living through laughter.

4.         To not just survive my life, but live my life – consciously & honourably

5.         To share love and shed the bonds of restriction around my heart that prevents me from reaching my potential.

6.         To honour my body and maintain optimal health and fitness so that I can live the life I desire with my family for many years to come.

7.         To appreciate all that I have and stop witching and moaning about all that I’ve lost.

8.         To be emotionally balanced and not an emotional addict who trashes and destroys the good things in life and the people I love the most.

9.         To accept with grace my origins of who I am, both my genetic influence and my environmental influence. 

10.   To be able to share with an open vulnerable heart that may encourage others

When you live a life of reaction you end up surviving life.

When you live a life of creation you end up living life – with joy!

No matter what your life story, you get to choose whether you survive it, or live it with joy. You are the one who creates your life; feel it to heal it then start creating what it is you want.

My wish for you? – all that you wish for yourself!

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