Adrenalin Rush

I have a love/hate relationship with adrenalin.  Adrenalin is a wonder drug chemical our body produces that serves us well most of the time and I am able to enjoy the rush but I must admit that even now when presenting my Keynote it still surprises me that adrenalin will hit my body just before going on stage.

Inevitably this will cause me to experience ‘adrenalin amnesia’ and I simply go blank after my opening section!  I find myself thinking ‘what did I just say?’ and ‘where am I up to?’.  It’s like my mind is going a hundred kilometres an hour and there is simply no space to think between saying one thing and remembering the next.  Thankfully having worked as a clown doctor, comedian and performer over the years, I am used to improvising so I am able to cover well enough in the moment until my brain kicks back in to gear and I get into flow. 

I sheepishly admit this annoys me as I feel I don’t reach my expectations of a ‘flawless delivery’ and I admit I often feel disappointed in myself.  Until recently that is…

On the morning of the event I was to present at I was fortunate enough to read a quote from author and speaker Brendon Burchard, it said…

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being purposeful.  It’s about striving to be the best of who we are on a consistent basis so that we can have the lives we desire and deserve.  So what matters today is this:  are you generating happiness and enjoying life, are you creating and contributing meaningful ideas and work, are you loving others openly, are you striving to activate your potential and live this day as your highest self? In such quests we find ourselves, better ourselves, realise ourselves; we transcend”.

Did I deliver a word-perfect presentation? No!  Did I present a purposeful presentation? Yes. Do I strive to be my best on a consistent basis? Yes. Do I generate happiness and enjoy life? Yes.  All the questions Brendon posed I could answer with a resounding yes and yet until then I admit I have undermined my value of what I do and give if I wasn’t ‘perfect’.   Well I am happy to say that stops here.

I have decided to let go of my need and desire to deliver a ‘perfect presentation’ and allow myself to be in the moment (adrenalin and all) and give my energy and joy to those I am blessed to be able to share with.

How many times do you undermine your own value because you didn’t feel you were ‘perfect’? How about switching the question and asking yourself, ‘was I purposeful’?  It’s a welcome relief!

Love to hear your thoughts.