Talking to dead people…

I talk to dead people… I don’t see dead people like in the movie Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis, but rather I talk to people that I love who are no longer here.  I sometimes write them letters as well, although I’m sure this somewhat confuses Australia Post! What keeping the conversation going does with those that have passed is it allows me to remain connected to the source of love that I experienced with them while they were here.

Ten days ago it was the eight year anniversary of my little Mum’s death.  My Mum’s passing was quite sudden and unexpected which only added to the extreme sense of loss and I must admit that it took me a long time to recover.  I still think of her often and miss her dearly but time has worked its magic and allowed the space to heal.

I’m big on connection as you know and I’ve experienced grief in a way that has left me feeling so isolated and so alone. Grief is one of those things that there isn’t a handbook for and each of us handles it differently, expresses it differently, and of course it depends on the nature of the relationship we had with the person when they left.  I have a friend who didn’t really feel much at all when her Mum passed other than a sense of relief that maybe now she could do the things she always wanted to in her life, so I get that it’s not the same for everybody.  

We can honour our selves and take care of our needs by allowing ourselves to be creative; for me I talk to my Mum and Dad at the end of my run on the beach, sometimes I write letters, it just gives me a way to continue sharing my life with them in a way that supports me.

A poignant reflection for today but maybe somebody needs to read this and relate to it.  Grief has it’s own agenda and knows no bounds, there are no rules, each of us does the best we can.  Not judging ourselves and not judging others is the best way to allow our individuality and our creativity to shine through in challenging times.

Love to hear your thoughts.

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