It’s Never Too Late to Start

Every day is new, only you and your thoughts bring the past with you when you wake up and meet the day.  I think it’s very easy to take for granted ‘morning’, a new day. Days can seemingly flow into the next with very little thought, but if you stop and think about the miracle of a new day, it’s breathtaking, because it is full of new opportunities to make new choices.

One simple choice today changes your tomorrow, but we need to stop, feel, think and choose.  No matter what the outside conditions are in our lives, it’s beautiful. Why? because you woke up to another day, to live, to laugh, to love. 

So many children I visited as Clown Doctor Haveachat lived with life threatening illnesses where the best thing in their life was waking up in the morning and getting to have another day here, to play, to giggle, to cuddle, to be loved.  Let’s not take for granted our new day, it is a blessing that is desired by many and thrown away by others.

We are not victims to our surroundings if we choose not to be.  Our thoughts create our lives, our thoughts followed by our action changes our tomorrow morning.

Begin it now; it’s never too late.  We don’t need to wait for the ‘new year’ or our ‘birthday’ or ‘Monday’, simply decide; choose, and make the change to a better you.   Don’t put off until tomorrow what we can Be today.  Respond to those inner urgings in the moment and make today beautiful - rain, hail or shine! 

Love to hear your thoughts.