Magic Moments

Find the magic moment every day.  One of the things I used to do when I worked as a Clown Doctor in Sydney’s Children’s Hospitals was to find the ‘magic moment’ of the day. 

When I first started it was very easy at times to get caught up in the distress of illness and sadness that I saw on rounds, 'premmie' babies hooked up to more machines and wires than you can imagine, toddlers in traction, little ones in wheelchairs.  I knew that if I focused on that all the time I would have crumbled, it was often overwhelming.  

I would have loved to have waved a magic wand and made all the pain go away, but clearly I couldn’t, however I could spread a little light and laughter and lift the energy of the kids and families that I met, and in that moment, I had done my best. 

It’s not that I was without empathy or compassion for the struggles of the families and staff I met, quite the opposite, but I would be of no use to anyone if I carried the pain and felt all the anguish that existed in the hospitals; so I would find my ‘magic moment’ each day so that I could go back and do it again. 

I suggest there are magic moments in everyone’s day, not just visiting children in hospital, but in your home, at your work, anywhere you are there’s a magic moment just waiting to be observed.  Magic moments feed your life energy and allow you to keep going. 

What magic moments have you observed lately that has given you a lift within and made you smile? What magic moments could you create that would lift the energy of others?

Make a great day!