“Heartbeatz – where our hearts engage with our minds to elevate performance” – thanks for continuing to join me on this new adventure of discovering how we can bring more heart into our workplace and into our lives in general.

Heartbeatz is also so much more and the idea continues to expand as I go.   I was challenged last year to put ‘all of me out there’ not just a slice of what people expect of me or what a business system teaches me to be, but a wholeness around who I am and what I love to do.  

I love expressing.  I love using my energy, my voice, my body, my humour to share stories and messages that uplift, entertain and ultimately inspire others to be the greatest version of themselves – phew, what a mouthful!  now all that is a bit hard to write on a business card so instead I am simply called a ‘keynote speaker’ which happily encompasses all of that for me.

Back to ‘Heartbeatz’.  Our heartbeat is what indicates that we’re alive right? because when our heart stops… well, we turn up daisies and it’s farewell and whatever that means to you.   Our heart beating is what indicates we’re alive, but I swear I’ve come across people who I think are just  flat lining through life; there is barely a pulse!  So Heartbeatz can also be about checking in to where your heart lies with what you're doing. 

Are you stimulating your life so that your heart beats with joy? Does it beat with excitement? Does it beat with fear? And if it does that’s great too because it means you're stretching yourself!  

So HEARTBEATZ is all about living, living our best lives each day.   This means diligently and actively becoming more self-aware so that we can develop skills to manage our responses to life and other people (rather than destructively react).  

Ultimately when we find the courage to embrace our personal vulnerability we step into empathy and this creates the wonderful opportunity to live so that our heart beats with passion and purpose.

Looking forward to sharing the ride!