Dream Do Detach

Outcomes.  Imagine we if weren’t emotionally attached to outcomes.  The problem with being attached to certain outcomes is you have an expectation that something will turn up with the way you expected it, the way you planned it, the way you wanted it - which is ok to a degree but what this can lead to is great disappointment when the outcome you were expecting for all your hard work and effort doesn’t show up!

But what if we were emotionally unattached to outcomes, what if we just did the work, worked the plan, put our energy and love into our project and then let go and stood back… dream – do – detach.

The marvellous Mike Dooley, author and speaker, writes about the ‘cursed hows’, and says that if we get so caught up in how something is suppose to happen (and quite often this prevents us from even starting) we get caught up expecting things to turn up the way we think they ‘should’, that quite often we miss the unexpected outcome that turns up in a different shape!  We think if it doesn’t show up how we wanted it to, then it has ‘failed’ or it has ‘no value’ – yet sometimes the most surprising things can happen when we go about creating something and then let it go without the attachment to the outcome and we allow ourselves the surprise and joy of seeing what does turn up.

Letting go of the control that things must turn out a certain way allows us to get out of being stuck waiting for outcomes we expected and being disappointed when they’re a ‘no show’.   We miss the gift in the unexpected! And chances are it might even be better than you planned!

I am focusing on creating my dreams and letting go of the attachment that they turn out a certain way – it just might turn out even better than I’d hoped for!

Love to hear your thoughts.