Many 'Happies' for a Bright New Year Ahead

I love the energy of New Year and the enthusiastic anticipation of creating my life and I love the energy that everyone seems to have for the New Year, it seems people are more buoyant and have hopes and resolutions for the New Year however I have to wonder why this uplifting energy is often not sustained for very long, that sometimes the connection we feel to our new plans begins to fade as the dailies once again set in and the holidays end.

Take heart, the ‘newness’ of the New Year can be recreated at any time by simply making a choice to ‘begin afresh’ or ‘change direction’; it isn’t limited to 1 January!  Sure it’s a great time to re-assess but as the energy of welcoming this year in begins to wane I plan to re-assess as I travel through this delightful year ahead by asking at frequent intervals, ‘what’s working, what’s not’ and adjust my ‘resolutions’ as I go.  In fact rather than have 'resolutions' which reminds me of things I need to resolve or give up, I have 'intentions'.  I think this helps us avoid the inevitable let down and sense of failure when we don’t stick with our enthusiastic New Year’s resolutions and plans for very long and it helps us remain connected to our self and our heart’s desire.

Whether you’ve come up with a ‘word for the year’ or picked ‘5 areas of focus’ or you know your 'one thing' to follow, know that each day is ‘new’, each day is a gift to be unwrapped and treasured for the experiences you create - 365 gifts await you…well actually 348, 347...  

Happy New Year, may it bless you and be filled with love and laughter!