Information Overload

I often experience ‘information overload’ and this causes me to falter in my tracks, stop, and become stagnant! So I’ve decided to streamline the information coming in and make a more conscious choice selecting what information I receive.

I am fully aware that ‘social media is the new sales pond’ and I am inundated on why and how I should ‘convert my contacts to sales’ etc and so when I saw another push for ‘understand how to make social media work for your business’ etc I found myself going into a mindless freefall, of‘I really must learn all there is to know about this before I do anything because I’m getting it wrong!’ – and then the train took off in my head creating doubts, uncertainties and the sense that I would be ‘missing out’ if I didn’t get this ‘right’ as well. 

Then I made myself stop.  I took a breath and realised that my mind was in a whirl and would exhaust me if I stayed with that train of thought.  So I made a decision.  For the time being I am choosing to stop the information overload coming in at me from all directions.  I would simply like to take time to focus on taking action on the information I’ve already absorbed from several hundred books, websites, newsletters, white papers, etc that I’ve already read. If I continue to read and read and read with the sense that I must ‘know it all’ before I take action, then I will never actually take action and get things done! 

It is so easy with the enormous amount of information available for us to get caught and become inactive.  Information can connect us to great things and great people – absolutely! I also believe information can also disconnect us – from our drive, our focus, our sense of self worth if we allow it to undermine ourselves.

What information do you have coming at you from all angles? Have you asked for it or is it unsolicited? Is it relevant to your five areas of focus or is it random and distracting? If you made a decision that you have all information right now to tackle your dreams and live a purposeful life, then what would you do right now?

Me? I would write my book that’s within me.  Which is ironic really, because then I’ll be adding to the information available out there!!! Still, just for now, I choose to be still, go within, trust that I am well-equipped to live, love, and work and get on with the joy of living as this year begins it’s countdown and I begin creating the New Year.