The Jelly Bean Jar Game

A friend and colleague is passionate about playing ‘games’ to increase your productivity and success levels and I love it so I've come up with a 'game' to change the ‘disconnect habit’ - the Jellybean Jar Game.  

Do you know the saying that if you put a jellybean in a jar for every time you have sex prior to getting married, and then take a jellybean out of the jar for every time you have sex after you get married, that you'll never run out of jellybeans??? Lol -well this has nothing to do with that other than I'm using jelly beans! 

Being the visual woman I am, I've decided to use jellybeans as a way of tracking the days I disconnect from life.  I have decided and am committed to no longer losing days of my life through disconnection and retreat.
I dread to think how many days I have already ‘lost’ through disconnection and separating myself, from life, from my husband Donald, from colleagues and ultimately from myself.  So I have put 365 jellybeans (not to be eaten by anyone!) in a beautiful ornate glass jar and placed a small glass jar next to it.  The deal is, for example, every time Donald and I fight/disagree or trigger each other and disconnect from being loving and connected, we lose a jellybean. The jellybean represents a day in your life that you'll never get back if you stay disconnected.  We have until evening to patch it up and shift our state in order to not lose a jellybean! The same applies to family, friends and colleagues.

The fun thing is, it works! I had a 'moment' recently (ie, Donald did/said something that hurt me off and I reacted with my usual passionate indignation) I said a few choice words and walked out of the room.  I stopped mid track down the hallway, turned and promptly walked back in and said 'I am not losing a jellybean over this!' (in other words, I am not losing my life’s energy and a day over this being disconnected) and the conversation began from there and we made our way back - quickly and easily - phew!!  

My desire, my focus in my life, is not to lose another day being disconnected, whether it’s from someone I love, from myself or from the work that I do.  Days are precious, you never get them back so spend them wisely and stay connected to life.

What makes you disconnect from life? How do you behave when you disconnect from life, from work or the people you love? And what could you do to make a conscious effort to stay more connected more of the time?  I’m happy for you to use the Jellybean Jar Game if it helps. ☺ 

Love to hear your thoughts.