Spread a Little Kindness…

Today I was reminded of the need to ‘spread a little kindness’ and in saying that it was actually me who needed the kindness.

I endured several medical procedures today where I was poked, prodded, squished and squashed and placed in more challenging positions than a Bikram yoga class before being placed into a machine that recorded the whole experience!  I didn’t think I was anxious until I felt a quiet tear roll down my cheek.  The technician was precisely that, technical, there wasn’t even a ‘hi I’m ‘Sue’, I’ll be looking after you today…’ that would have been all the kindness I needed to put me at ease; to feel connected and cared for in a situation I was confronted by.  

So often we forget that what we do on a daily basis has no impact on others as we go about our business or work, but it does.  More importantly perhaps, it is what we ‘don’t do’ that has an even greater impact on others.  I am often surprised by the lack of general care, the lack of empathy, the lack of respect that abounds in the way we go about relating to one another whether a technician of sorts, a colleague, or a family member for that matter.  It takes so little to be kind, it takes so little to stop and put yourself aside and allow yourself to consider how another person may be feeling right now, and maybe just maybe, you’re the one who has the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s day.  Be thoughtful, be considerate, be warm and friendly, it costs you nothing, yet the gift could be priceless.

I was blessed with work that allowed me to be kind to others and care as I went about my rounds as Clown Doctor Have-a-chat amongst the children and families on wards; it never really felt like ‘work’, it was simply about connecting, spreading cheer, a smile, a look of understanding.  You don’t have to be employed to do this, you can do it anytime, anywhere, with anyone and you may never know the impact you have on someone’s life in that moment. It’s not about chalking up a tally of good deeds; it’s about your presence in the world and whether you lift others up by your attitude and behaviour or whether you bring someone down.

I know what I prefer to do, and I know what I prefer to receive, how about you?